Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Fool with a Foolish Love

You easily cry
Whenever you got scold for your mistake
You easily cry
When you feel very lonely
I wanna be the person that comfort you
But I can never be the person..

I’m the first to wish on your recently birthday
I’m the first to notice on your steamy eye
I’m the first to know that everybody like you
I’m the first to know when you have any problems
But you know nothing about me
Even looking back at me when I calling your name

Now you are happy with him
Leave me like a dying fish on the land
It breaks my heart
Like a glass that have been smashed on the wall
And you are the one who smashed it
It breaks my heart
When he replied my message for you
Its look like both of you have become one
The one that breaks my heart
I used to be a heartbreaker
But now I’m the one who heart break

I’m tired of this
Every night I missing you
Every night I dream about you
But it feels like a foolish love
It’s just me who has a feeling
A fool with foolish love..

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