Sunday, 26 May 2013

I.. and You...

Assalamualaikum J

I always wanna be a thief.. the one that stoled your heart..
I wanna be your Samsung.. who always be with your side..
I always wanna be like a girl.. who can hear you gossiping..
I wanna be your bag.. that contain every single secret of yours..

But now.. I don’t think that I can be those..
When I know my friend is crazy for you.. heart hurt.. and it doesn’t hurt like my knee..
But what can I do.. I just can stare he making sweets for you..

In deep of my heart.. I still love you..
But only God know how much I love you..
I like you when I see you for the first time..
I like you whenever you smile..
I like you when you have to do presentation..
I like you when you mad at me..
But who knows those feeling..?
Who realize what I feel towards you..
It’s not like a mirror..that reflecting me..
That reflect my feeling.. no..and never..

I’m only like a dumb..who easily fall in love with someone..
But everyone had a feeling..and I have those to..

She is only my crush.. I guess..
And it doesn’t matter if she don’t like me..
All I need is a couragement.. that help me face this thing..
And its only one thing.. Pray to God..

Assalamualaikum J

ps: bad english..sorry for that..

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